All things creative for your small business.

  • Graphic Design
  • Website (set up and maintenance)
  • Social media (set up and maintenance)
  • Photography
  • Online Listing Management.

This can include anything from website maintenance and updating your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, to designing flyers for your newest product or service, photography at that upcoming event, updating your business imagery and colours, or perhaps creating files for printed advertisements.


‘A passion for seeing small businesses thrive and feel confident in new arenas, and building community in my personal life and in business’.

An exciting adventure, and Im confident that it’ll be just that – an adventure!

Meg Willis Creative is a solo venture a small business of my own, which means Im the boss lady and also the dishwasher. And, in the last 5 years I’ve has been in a variety of creative roles, including graphic design online community manager, online content creator and curator, working in campaign teams for events and annual projects, as well as wedding photography, event photography, project management.
Through this venture I’ve taken hold of all of these skills which will allow me to build community around businesses as well as getting them seen.

Clients of Meg Willis Creative.

I love to support and promote local small businesses and organisations. These hardworking businesses are unique and have an incredible effect in their community.

I’ve worked with businesses from across Australia including, Yokine (WA), Warialda (NSW), Bingara (NSW), Horsham (VIC), Clovelly (NSW), Sydney (NSW) Kingsford (NSW), Darwin (NT), and Toowoomba (QLD).


I have experience in graphic design (10 years), social media (8 years), photography (7 years), website development (6 years), small business (3 years) and rural life (… a few years).

As the daughter of a small business funded family, my three siblings and I grew up seeing the time and money it takes to run a business, and raise a family.

‘I am so blessed to know and love the parents I have, as business owners and as people they continue to surprise me’.

I’ve been apart of communities in Warialda (NSW), Berowra (NSW), Wagga (NSW), New York (USA), Ashfield (NSW) and Toowoomba (QLD). I’ve travelled in the UK, Europe, North America, and South America, and at each stop the people made the experience!

‘My passion? Seeing small businesses thrive and feel confident in new arenas, and building community in my personal life and in business’.

Social Media.

If you’re anything like me, then social media can seem more than overwhelming, maybe even impossible. But everyone else seems to be able to manage it? How?!?!

The business owners I’ve talked to definitely agree,

“it just changes so much”


“it just wasn’t something we learnt when I was growing up”

Well folks, I’m no marketer genius, but I do know how to get you started and I’m confident we can move you well on your way to getting things managed, and we may even have some people fooled that you’ve got it managed, just like every one else does.

If you’d like to get in touch please give me a call, or email, and we can have a look at your current online presence and go from there towards your goals and your dreams for your business.


Talk soon,



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