The Return of The Blogger

The Return of The Blogger

Blogging about blogging. #blogception

I’ve been inspired recently by my sister, (and my two close friends disappearing on their own life adventures – Goodbye My Friend), to think more about what I’d like to do with my own accounts.

Like many others, my attempts at blogging have been well-meaning but they don’t stand out from The Sea of Abandoned and Forgotten Blogs. It’s a great place to visit, I’ve sent many a blog there.

My sister has taken a love for nice photos and her son, and created an Instagram account that not only went to a 1,000 followers in a couple of weeks, but she’s made a place of refuge for herself and found an audience of mums just like herself. She connects with these strangers and is flourishing with creativity and relationship, even when life isn’t as rosy as the pictures she’s putting on her account.

My blogs have been an expression of thought, and like most things in my life involve food. And the last couple of years have been about healing and 2017 is about being brave.

(Apologies, interrupted by Benji, nephew #3, star of @amyisaphilpnow, and I’m back).

So should a focus of writing be about brave food? I love when things flourish, should it be about brave food that flourishes? Ok maybe not but that’s my question, what should a blog be about when the owner has all these things they want to be doing?

When I calm down, and the panic leaves, I can see. My dreams all flow from the same mantra, free to flourish.

Can all my dreams exist on one blog?

I want to help business owners to flourish, I want to build community offline, I want to see a place built where foster kids can be loved and cared for.

Then there’s all these general musings about food and travel and health, that have no place in those three categories, are they worth sharing too? I don’t know, but I’m going to try, again.

I guess we’ll see where it all fits.

How can you make blogging sustainable?

How is this time going to be any different? I have no idea and no expectations. Is it routine and making good habits and push-push-pushing to achieve and write, that gives a blog a long life? Or is it constant connection to passion that makes it a repeat offender? Or both? I don’t know. I mostly have just questions…

The pressure to do things better each time, is crippling, so I make no plans, I just come with bravery and thoughts.

Maybe my blog could just be chronicling the year of being brave? Or just being a place for processing thoughts as they come up, and enjoying the letters that I write to friends and strangers alike?

Marketing today says you have to have a blog, personal or professional, solopreneur or director of an empire, you’re supposed to have a blog. And on that blog you’re supposed to tell your authentic story. Well, that sounds huge and it sounds vague.
I hear that passion will give you direction, always coming back to those things that meet to create your core. For me, it’s those 4 things or missions, that are driven by the mantra, free to flourish.

So, somehow, that is my answer… A blog that is  free to flourish.


Talk soon,

Canvas Coworking Space

Canvas Coworking Space

Thank you to Canvas Coworking Space for all the effort they’ve put in to get this space up and running to support business and startups in Toowoomba, but still keep a flexible lifestyle that small business life offers.

Through using the space, my focus, and my project turn around time has increased incredibly, and my mental health is always better after working with people around me as well.

It was their first birthday on the 21st of June 2016, and its a well deserved celebration!