Integrated Online Marketing Plan

with Matt Bailey at Site Logic. Curb the guilt! The biggest things I got out of this 45 minutes with Matt, was that you shouldn’t feel guilty for not having every social media account and listing that the ‘experts’ say that you should! And I totally agree!

One question I’ve heard repeatedly by small business owners is,

What can it get me? Why does social media matter? How can I manage everything ‘they’ are telling me I need to?

The answer, is training, and awareness, but for who? Who should be taking care of this for your business?

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Tips from the Speakers at the Digital Marketing Day Out

Tips from the Speakers at the Digital Marketing Day Out

Venue: The Glasshouse, Port Macquarie

The Mixing Pot:

It was a beautiful week to be away from the cold weather we’ve been having in Toowoomba, especially because I had partnered up with Ann from Bizclean Mats & Hygiene to attend the conference together.

A two minute walk and we were out in the lovely Port Macquarie, and ready to get some knowledge.

Key Takeaways

There was so much information, but here are the points I got from each speaker.

From Timbo Reid at Small Business Big Marketing:

  • Start a blog, be helpful and share the tips you have about your industry.
  • Answer every question that has ever been asked of your business. This will help Google as they try and deliver more and more tailored results.
  • Build your email list.
  • Don’t let perfection hold you back!

From Stuart Goodfellow:

  • Take a step forward, build yourself a 90-day plan. Ask yourself, ‘what am I trying to achieve?’.
  • Get someone to keep you accountable to that 90-day plan.
  • Remember that the term ‘digital marketing’ can make things unclear, we are still just ‘marketing’.
  • Stop doing the things that don’t bring in income.
  • Just like Rodger Federa, focus on your strengths and create motion around them.

From Penny at Birdsnest:

  • Know who you’re talking to.
  • Send the relevant message to the relevant audience. Use look-a-like audiences. Be helpful. Show up where you’re welcome.
  • Build a community rather than just a customer base. Listen, evolve, talk, two way conversation, review systems allow for feedback and opportunity for growth.
  • Deliver on your promise. If you don’t its a lot of hard work for nothing.

From Victoria at Temple & Webster:

  • Quality images. “Beautiful images is what makes our site work”.
  • “Facts tell. Stories sell”. People dont like to be sold to, they like stories, they want a human connection, integrity and authenticity.
  • Create a sense of urgency. The products on the website are only there for 7 days.
  • Become an authority on your service or product.
  • Create the desire and then fill it. Make people aware of the problem and give them a solution.
  • Use your measurement tools to guide you on what you should be posting.
  • Figure out what you’re trying to get out of social media. i.e. selling, awareness.

The fast 3 from Victoria,

  1. Find your audience: who are they? where are they? when are they there? how are you connected?
  2. Find your stories: businesses, suppliers, customers.
  3. Find your platform: publishing and amplifying your efforts.

From Jane at Dragonfly Marketing:

  • Use ‘thumb-stopping’ images, good for mobile, and quality and relevant to the topic/s.
  • Publish a post on LinkedIn, i.e. ‘Who are you? What are you a specialist in?’
  • Join a group on LinkedIn and join in the discussions.


Thanks to Glasshouse and Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce for a great day!

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